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Winter Canvas Paddock Rugs, Hoods and Neck Rugs

Trojan - 21oz

Rawhide - 16oz

Rawhide Hood and Rug - 16oz

Rawhide Neck Rug - 16oz

Bluey - Wool

Rawhide with Safety Tongue Fittings

100 Percent Corespun Canvas - 17oz
X-Calibur Synthetic Paddock Rugs

X-Calibur 600 Denier

X-Calibur Combo 600 or 1200 Denier
Warm Stable and Dress Rugs

Wool/Kersey - Rose

Wool Stable Rug - Blue/White Check

Wool Tartan - Blackwatch

Wool Tartan - Collar Check

Wool Stable Rug - Wine Check

Quilted Satin Lined Doona Rug
Navy Cotton/Red Satin
Summer Paddock Rugs

Polyester Ripstop - Blue/White

Polyester Ripstop Combo

Showerproof Rug and Neck Rug - Gold

Cotton Under Rug

Polyester Ripstop - White

Polyester Ripstop - Rust

Deluxe Ripstop - Cream with

Polyester Ripstop Hood

Cotton Under Rug

Cotton Under Rug

Cotton Under Rug
Show Rugs

Cotton Show Rug and Tail Bag

Cotton Show Rug, Hood and Tail bag
Top Polishing Rugs


Satin - Open Front

Satin - Closed Front

Lycra Skinny Hood

Polo Fleece Neck Rug
Options and Miscellaneous

Cotton, Wool and Canvas
Front Fittings

Open Front Fitting on Satin Rug

Closed Front Fitting on Satin Rug

Rear Fitting on Open and Closed
Satin rugs

Tail Flap - Standard

Tail Flap - Tent

Exercise Boot - Wool/Canvas

Tail Bag

Satin Bib